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Mobile application experts

Mobile applications developed by Mobi Solutions software development team are currently used by millions of users. Our Mobile Software Lab or just mobilab. includes more then 40 mobile software engineers, designers and testers.

User experience design

Mobile applications are used by people when they are mobile. So it can be in the car, while driving, in the bar talking to friends or in the subway on busy hours. This makes user experience design much more important then on web or desktop applications. Our User Experience designers work together with our customers to give the best possible experience. 

In-house technical skills

We are fluent with the following technologies and platforms:
  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Windows Phone 
  • BlackBerry 
  • J2ME
  • HTML5
Our engineers are dedicated to work with specific platforms, which allows them to understand all the technical and non-technical details. They are not just engineers but also everyday users of Smartphones, understanding the platform specifics and user expectations.

Quality engineering

Quality engineers in Mobi know what it feels when application crashes when you’re going to a subway or application is draining phone’s battery. Equipment and knowledge of our people helps to bring quality of mobile apps to the next level. We understand that in order to have killer app it has to work - always.

Distribution and marketing

Taking mobile app to take user’s phones is not always straight forward. We could help you to distribute application, so that you can focus to your core business.

How we work?

Mobi handles the whole process of mobile applications development or - depending on client need - a part of it:
  • idea development, strategy
  • requirements analysis, specification & architecture
  • user experience design
  • user interface design
  • implementation
  • testing and documentation
  • deployment and maintenance
Travel to client's location for meetings or deployment is possible, however, we do not offer the service of working from client's premises during the implementation phase.


Mobi software team is working either on:
  • fixed budget, where the client sends us a specification, we estimate the cost, client approves it and we develop it, or
  • flexible hours, where the client is billed monthly for actual hours logged by our team
The first pricing model is preferable in case of clear and fixed product scope. Clients prefer the second model for start-up projects or longer-term partnership with evolving requirements. 

Global enterprise customers

Our international team has delivered number of applications world wide. Our customers include companies in US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy etc. Most of them having long term partnership with us keeping their mobile products up-to-date constantly. 

More info?

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More info?

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